Why high water pressure is bad for your plumbing system

What is high water pressure and why is it bad for your plumbing system. According to the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) any water pressure above 80 PSI is considered excessive. Water pressure is the pressure inside your domestic water system, potable water. The pressure is determined from the source, a well or city supply. Most plumbing fixtures such as toilets or faucets are rated to 80 psi. If you have excessive water pressure it could cause pipes to burst, faucets to drip, premature water heater failure and toilets to run without being flushed. If you have high water pressure it may void the warranty from any manufacturer of plumbing fixtures or even void the warranty from a plumbing repair from a plumber. It’s kind of like high blood pressure in your body, it can cause extra stress and lead to premature wear and failure. You can check your water pressure with a simple pressure gauge purchased at your local hardware store. It screws on your outside hose bib. You can control your water pressure by installing a pressure reducing valve (PRV). So even though the high water pressure may feel great in the shower, it’s better to regulate it under 80 psi to prevent damage to your pipes.

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